Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gelcoat Repairs - Part 2 & WSCC Dorset Area Meet

Another sunny day so plenty of opportunity to get out in the car and also take it to the WSCC Dorset meet this evening but I needed to finish off the gelcoat repairs.

Rubbing down with 800 then 1200 wet and dry using plenty of water and then finishing off with cutting paste.   

Results were patchy, the boot surround looks very good but the nose repairs appear to have tiny bubbles in them overall I'm happy enough for a first attempt!

Tricia and I managed to get out for an hour and filled the tank ready for this evening.

3 Westfield's outside the pub with many attendees still awaiting tax discs from the DVLA post a winter SORN.  Plenty of discussions and planning for events over the summer ranging from, gel/flowcoat repairs, evening group blats, weekends away, Stoneleigh and trackdays.  A cold drive back to Yeovil, I should have taken a couple of minutes to put the 1/2 hood on before heading home.

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