Friday, 2 November 2012

Side Screens and Fuel Gauge fix

 The weather forecast is for sunny but cold weather and learning from experience I decided it was time to fit the side screens.  It was straight forward enough fit the screens, workout where the straps needed to be a drill a hole in the side screen.  After bolting on the strap mark out where the popper stud needed to be on the inner panel then drill and rivet.  The overall position of the strap has to be as far back as possible but operable from the seat.
Once the side screens were fitted I jacked up the front of the car and spotted the slight oil leak was coming from the sump oil drain plug so I tightened it up and cleaned off the excess.  Then on to the fuel gauge - Mark at Westfield had advised that the most likely cause was a bad connection and sure enough one of the wires was not properly connected so removing and refitting the boot lid and liner took longer than the actual fix.

Total time 1 hr, so total time 236 hrs excluding the day at the IVA.  Then Myles and I went out for a quick blat for half an hour - total distance travelled now 312 miles

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