Friday, 16 November 2012


The car is currently stuck in the garage because the weather has been "changeable". However I've been struck by upgrade-itis and so far have the following:

Alpha D shape s/wheel with quick release - on order from Westfield - including a replacement upper steering column inner - aka unicorn horn!!!!

Quick shift adapter - on order from Burton Power
Carbon Fibre rear wheel arch protectors - ready to fitImmobiliser - ready to fitCycle wing mud flap - ready to fit
GoPro 2 HD - 1st one didn't work - replacement arrived today
I'm also watching out for a half hood - SBFS v Westfield - still not sure but I'm certain that I need one before next summer season.

On a WSCC Forum I saw a recommendation to fit the CW mud flaps with velcro so might try this this weekend.

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