Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ad Hoc WF Owners Meeting

Tricia and I braved the grey sky and set off to drive a loop through Montacute, Stoke-Sub-Hambdon, Crewkerne, East Chinook, West Coker and back to Yeovil.  All went well although there was slight drizzle as we headed towards Crewkerne and we considered heading back to clear skies when it started to clear. 
Nigel watches on as Tricia attempts to maintain her dignity!

 As we headed towards East Chinook I suggested that we stop off at Bridge Farm
 for some cider in preparation for the Rugby this afternoon.
Barn find!

Much to my surprise Nigel was very interest in the car and as we went towards the shop he diverted to one on the sheds and revealed an early-ish Westfield, Xflow engine and twin 45s.  The car was in need of some TLC but, a summer of constant rain and lots of stay-cationers visiting the farm meant that it had been laid up for over a year.

Another cider purchaser/MX5 driver advised of another Westfield owner who lived in East Chinook so this might be start of a South Somerset Westfield Owner and Traditional Cider Drinkers Club!

Over 450 miles now on the clock and when I got home I went round all the shock absorbers a set them to Front 4 clicks and Rear 8 clicks hopefully I'll get a chance to see if it makes any difference tomorrow when I get back from Bridgewater & Albion RFC.

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