Saturday, 10 November 2012

Blat Time

The weather looked okay yesterday so I took the car into work for the first time.  Unfortunately the view through the window looked menacing all morning so I decided to take it home at lunchtime.  Brendan was back from Yeovilton so it gave the opportunity for the two of us to have a 1/2 hour blat - his first time in the Westfield since the trip to Bristol for the IVA, we dropped the car in the garage at home and return to work in the Clio.

Just after lunch today James wanted dropping off in town so we got the car out of the garage and took the long way into town after filling up (13.7 ltrs) at the local Asda - I'm now not convinced that the fuel gauge is working as it was still showing full!  After dropping James off I got home and started to investigate a strange metallic banging sound - after rattling various things under the bonnet etc I found a can of 7 Up under the passenger seat left there since Exeter.  When I got inside Tricia had finished the ironing and said she'd like a run out so we did a circle from Yeovil through Mudford, Marston Magna, Queen Camel, Yeovilton, Ilchester and then back to Yeovil just after 2 pm and in time for the England v Fiji Rugby.  By this time the fuel guage had moved from well over full to full so I'm now not sure whether it's working or not?  Total distance now 375 miles.

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