Saturday, 1 December 2012

500 miles!

After another frosty night the sun came out and we had a lovely sunny winter's day.  I picked up Myles from bag packing at Tescos - raising money for a Rugby Tour to L'Aquila RFC in Italy - town was devastated by an earth quake in 2009 but Rugby keeps going.  I then washed the car before taking James over to his girlfriend's, via Ilchester to pay my dues for a very good talk & dinner to the Somerset Branch of the Army Benevolent Fund before a final a run out with Tricia which included a stop at Bridge Farm to collect 4-5 Litres of their finest Rugby Supporter's Juice and a stop at the local Audi dealership to look at a EuroBox estate car to transport the children & dogs around in - adjustments to the shock absorbers seem to be good but car bottomed out between Odcome & East Chinook so I might need to raise the ride height by 5mm or so.  On the way home the car tripped the 500 miles mark - my target for the year before lay up for the winter - however, today was such good fun I've decided to keep the car in running throughout the winter - just in case we have days like these!

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