Wednesday, 30 January 2013

More Fuel Gauge.........

Nick from "soft bits for sevens" emailed today to say that he'd received the screen channel, the half hood was in final finishing and would be posted out on Friday so I need to get as far as I could with the ongoing problem with the fuel gauge and then rebuild the car.

Float on fuel surface

Float pushed to the bottom of the tank.
I removed the filler cap and using my new boroscope I videoed the inside of the tank and then moved the float up and down with a wire taking photographs and measuring the resistance between the sensor output and earth.  On 3/4 full the resistance was ~140 ohms and push fully down was 10 ohms.

The float didn't seem to move completely freely and stuck at the bottom until I flicked it and it floated back to the surface.

I then reconnected the fuel gauge and the battery.  Initially the gauge read full and with the float pushed down it read 1/4 and returned the full when the float was released.

Whilst I'm still slightly concerned about the "stickiness" of the float I know know that the wiring must be correct so I refitted the dash, boot, cap and steering wheel etc and got the car ready for the weekend in the hope that the 1/2 hood will arrive and I can get out regardless of the weather.  If it doesn't I'll take the front wheels off and fit the mud flaps and the stainless steel bighead nuts, bolts and penny washers arrived earlier in the week.

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