Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Blat

I hope this is indicative of things to come in 2013, after a little early morning rain, the sun came out and I decided it might be a good day to get out in the car as I'm back at work tomorrow.

I went out to the garage to do a few things to the car. First was fitting the wind deflectors fairly straight forward I just had to align them with the windscreen pillars and the bodywork with a length of rubber grommet applied to the lower edge to protect the bodywork.  Next I removed the exhaust "cheese grater" as this had been rattling since initial build, the stainless steel will need a polish next time I clean the car. Finally I removed each of the wheel, cleaned and treated the suspension wishbones and uprights, and adjusted the ride height to 155 mm front and 170 mm rear (without a driver) in an attempt to reduce the possibility of the chassis gearbox hoop grounding.

Tricia I then went out for a drive, first into Yeovil Hospital to drop off Tricia's uniforms for the week then to West Bay via the A37 to Dorchester and the A35 to Bridport.  As expected the wind deflectors are not as effective as the side screens but they provided enough protection for comfort and also deflected the puddle water from the cockpit.  After fish and chips and West Bay we headed back to Yeovil through Beaminster taking the diversion around the closed tunnel and finding some nice clear and windy roads on the way.

Just over 70 miles covered and the car now has just over 600 miles on the clock.

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