Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Half Hood Fitted

When I got home there was a big parcel sitting in the hall so off to the garage with Myles to fit the Half Hood.

The hood included everything needed to fit it including the tools to install the female popper clips. First we fitted the popper male to the inside of the screen and then offered up the screen channel.  Once on place with the central popper clipped we marked the position of the front outer poppers and then removed the hood, driiled and fitted the poppers.

Next I worked out the position of the internal support bars and cut the both to length and Myles installed them.  We then refitted the hood and after a bit of effort to get it into position over the roll bar support strut upper mounts it was in place. 

We drilled and riveted the side poppers and the thumb locks.  After a bit of playing we got it looking reasonably evenly tensioned.  After  a discussion with Nick at softbitsforsevens he's going to send us new Y straps that are 50mm shorter so that we can increase the tension and the velcro will also lay flat.

Finally we removed the hood, fitted the side screens and then refitted the hood for the complete weather fit.  Myles got in and out of the car making it look easy enough, then I tried and it's going to take a bit of practise before I look anything close to elegant!

About 2 hours work in all but a good result overall, hopefully I won't be needed too much over the summer.

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