Thursday, 20 December 2012

GoPro Mount

Finished work for the holidays and I'm still waiting for the new steering wheel, quick release, modified upper steering column, wind deflectors and rear wheel arch stone guard bead to arrive from Westfield however, the Manfrotto clamp mount arrived for the GoPro and the weather looks good for tomorrow so I ventured out to the garage.

I chose the mount based on posts of the WSCC forum and I'm very impressed with it.  It's very chunky and made of metal so should be more than strong enough. The first thing I realised was that it would have to go to the side of the hi-level rear brake light.

1st Picture 

Also looked for places to fit the build plate that Paul & Joe Bromley made for us - on the scuttle by the VIN Plate seems the most suitable.  Also notice that the front suspension was wet with a slight salty "frost" so will have to clean the car with fresh water before I put it back in the garage - fingers crossed for sun shine and dry roads tomorrow!

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