Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Midget Strip Down 4

The midget strip continues - the rear axle is now removed and stripped ready to go off to Westfield

 New 1&7/8 spanner used

And the engine has been dropped off at Hurley Engine Services in Bath with the following agreed:

If re-bore and/or new pistons are required re-bore x2 +0.040 for 1310cc or next size if it’s already been re-bored previously (was actual bored to +0.12 for 1380cc)
Replace head valve seats for unleaded
Increase inlet valves to A+
Light porting/polish of the cylinder head – remove flashing/shaping etc
Convert head and block to 11 stud
Lighten flywheel (fast road) and fit new starter ring
Regrind crank (only needed a polish)
Repaint MG Red/pulleys Black – masking none painted areas S/No/block plugs etc
Rebuild engine with MED RS Camshaft, Vernier duplex drive, lifters, springs, oil pump, centre main strap, water pump, 82 deg thermostat, alloy rocker cover
Balance crank, flywheel and clutch cover
Baffle to the sump

Hopefully the engine will be ready in early August

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