Saturday, 11 March 2017

Midget Strip Down 3

Front suspension - not looking forward to this as it's notoriously difficult and the Midget very rusty.
I built a dolly cart to sit the front of the car on and hopefully I'll be able to use it on the FW when I replace the differential.

After lots of plusgas, angle grinder and hammering I eventual freed the key parts needed as donor -steering arms, hub and upright.  The upright will got to the MGOC as an exchange items.  I managed to get the top bush off but cut off the lower wishbone as I couldn't get the cotter pin out.  The lower wishbone had already got a braze repair/modification so couldn't be sold on - I'm now going for a bit of a scorched earth policy on the midget.

On Friday I stopped off at Moss in Bristol and they couldn't have been more helpful.  I now have everyone of the components required to rebuild the handbrake assembly/rear axle.

And after another morning both front uprights are off the car and the bits I'm keeping have been wire brushed and have been given a few coats of Hammerite satin black.  Donor parts now stripped and cleaned are: Engine Mounts, Steering Arms, Rack, Steering, mounts and Column, Front Wheel Hubs and Hand Brake.
The Engine and Gearbox are also split with the Engine ready to go off for strip and rebuild.

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