Sunday, 15 January 2017

Winter Upgrades

After the European Tour I had to buckle down and complete the dissertation for my Masters and by the time it was submitted in October the weather had turned and apart from a couple of short blats the car has spent a lot of time in the garage.

Over the winter I have a number of upgrades planned:

New Protech Shock absorbers £400
New Front ARB £200
Carbon NV flared engine bay side panels £220
Bonnet Aerocatches £40
Replace the N/S Rear Wheel Arch £220
Strip and powdercoat the Front Wishbones £30
Replace the steering Lock £25
LSD reset to 120Nm and refresh - £520

The weather was wet but mild this weekend so I ventured out to the garage.

First things I've done were (1) to refit the was to fit wishbones, (2) fit the new Front ARB which is a Westfield Sports Turbo one as it's compatible with the FW Bonnet, softer than the Inboard ARB and well matched to the Rear ARB (also a ST one), the disadvantage being that it's not adjustable, and finally the fit the front shocks.

After removing the Inboard ARB and fitting the ARB, I fitted the front wishbones and shocks.  Hopefully the flared engine bay side panels will be ready to pick up from Milton Keynes at the end of the month.

Next will be the wheel arch repair and rear shocks while I'm doing it.

Steering lock

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