Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Westie gets a Brother

This weekend I will be clearing out the left hand side of the garage in order to make space for this:

And hopefully after a refurbishment of the donor parts and build it will turn into this:

I've ordered the kit:
Westfield Racing Green
Le Mans Hump
Crimson Interior with cream piping
New wiring Loom
Protech Shocks

I'm intending to refurbish the major components from the Midget with the only remaining debate being the gearbox.  The Type 9 conversion kit and gearbox from Westfield is a £1800 option and is relatively easy to install at a later date so I'll see how good the Midget 4 speed box is before deciding.

The Midget is being picked up this weekend and the kit pick up will be in ~12 weeks

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