Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cam Swing and Shift Light

Lots of activity since the last post, Omex posted out the ECU connector pin already made up with the wire and seal and after popping off the connector locking mechanism it was a straight forward fit.  By the time I'd finished it was dark but I decided to go for a drive and test it and when it went of it was very bright indeed - unfortunately no dim capability on headlights but in reality I won't be routinely hitting 6,500 rpm in the dark.
 James and I fitted new iridium spark plugs - original ford ones were platinum and in perfect condition!  We also fitted 10mm HT leads - unfortunately they weren't quite right and after a call to the supplier they confirmed that they'd been made using the Gen 3 plug boots and not the Gen 1s they should have been - another set are in the post.

Off to NMS for the cam swing and rolling road session.  The cam swing took an hour to complete and then the car was run up on the rolling road. The cam swing had found and extra 4.6 bhp and also increased torque across the whole rev range not the most that Troy had ever achieved but still a healthy improvement. 

Troy tried removing the air filter and it made no difference which was good but having to run with the bonnet fully down to get air to the radiator meant that we could check the affect of feeding cold air to the TBs.  After a discussion Troy suggested I try to look at a way to get cold air fed to the TBs and also consider improving the exhaust before investing engine changes like cams and porting.  He also suggested a lightened flywheel and changes to the gearbox ratios might be worth considering. 

A discussion with the WSCCers at the Exeter Kit Car Show (not as good as last year and no Westfield drifting!) had suggested TTV Racing as an excellent supplier of machined flywheels and after contacting them I discovered they were based close to Wattisham so I ordered one for pick up next time I'm over in Suffolk in mid November.  I also order some plastic conduit and a plastic scoop to try out some options for getting cold air to the TBs.  Now I just need some time to get into the garage!

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