Saturday, 19 October 2013

Happy Birthday

This week saw the 1st anniversary of the car being registered, after a week of rain the forecast for the morning was clear with rain starting around mid-day.  Unfortunately this was wrong and I got soaked dropping Allanah of to dancing!  With the rest of the day forecast as rain showers I decided to fit the shift light.  After isolating the battery James drilled the 14mm hole for the LED under the T lights on the dash and installed it.  With the dash removed I dropped the ECU panel and loosened all the looms so that I could access the back of the main OMEX600 connector.  The shift light is pin B8 and it works by providing the earth through the ECU.  Unfortunately the B8 only had a seal fitted and the kit didn't include the connector pin so I had to down tools.  Myles wanted to investigate the noise from the pedal box so we removed the cover and he operated the pedals while I looked and listen,  there was no obvious problem but the noise of the clutch pedal hitting the end stop seem to replicate the noise so hopefully nothing to worry about.

In order to prepare for the next rolling road session at NMS I've ordered a set of 10mm racing HT leads and NGK Iridium spark plugs.  The supplier Formula Power were recommended by an Aston Martin owning colleague as he'd heard about them through his owners club.  Not much cheaper than the well known Magnecor 8.5mm so they better be good! - also available in blue rather than the Magnecors that  are only available in red.  I also saw that another WSCC member, Darve, who has just successfully IVA'd his MX5 SDV had completed some head work, change his cams and them got NMS to map his car and achieved an additional 25 bhp, perhaps something for next winter.  The WSCC Forum posts went on to discuss fuel for RR sessions.  When I can I use Tesco's Momentum which is 99 octane rather than the normal 95 but the WSCC Forum recommendation was Shell V-power, last time I was at NMS I filled up at the Total (I think) garage on Towcester Rd just round the corner from them.  Logic tells me that you should use what ever you normally fill the car with for a RR if you want to get a realistic result.

I exchanged emails with Paul and Joe Bromley during the week and they've decided to sell their Westfield due to a combination of: limited suitable roads on the IoM, lack of WSCC social side, lack of time all resulting in only 500 miles driven in the first year of ownership - car is now on ebay an awesome car offered for sale a substantially less than build price, someone will get a bargain; there's a link on the RHS of my blog to their build blog if more evidence is required.

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