Friday, 12 July 2013

To Blat or To Upgrade?

Yesterday's evening blat got the car to 2,000 miles so time for a service but I also have a number of upgrades that could be fitted:

Drilled/slotted front discs
Mintex M1144 brake pads
Quick shift gear knob
Front mud flaps
ARP con rod bolts
Front inboard ARB

plus the need to fix the fuel gauge and cut down the seat bolts

So what to do?

Brakes and ARB are for track days - none booked at present so no real rush.

To fit the fuel gauge I'll have to remove seats, rear bodywork and fuel tank so seems like a winter upgrade that can include the quick shift and fuel gauge fix.

This only leaves the mud flaps, oil change and ARP con rod bolts so these are what I'll do......

With the sump removed I thought I'd check out the baffling.  Given that the oil fill line must be about the same depth as the baffle top plate.  Once installed there's a small gap at the bottom.

Before I could remove the sump I drained the oil, disconnected the battery and unbolted the starter motor from it's mounts (access for the back most 2 sump bolts).

With the sump removed all the bearing caps were easily accessed.


The ARP Bolts fitted to the bearing caps without any need for fettling - I'd been told to do a trial fit as I might need to drill them through with an 8.5mm bit and also use a countersink to create a chamfer. As per the instructions each bolt thread and cap was cover in the lubricant supplied and torqued to 25 lb ft

ARP Con Rod Bolts fitted!

Then refitted the sump, with a new £25 gasket as the original was in very poor condition, refitted starter motor and then oil/filter.

Total time to fit the ARP bolts was 2 hours including the oil/filter change.

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