Friday, 26 July 2013

Mudflaps Finally Fitted!

Rain is forecast for the weekend so, as we're heading off to Belgium, I decided that is was time to fit the mud flaps to the cycle wing.  I'd been putting it off because the weather had been perfect for blatting and, having gone to all the trouble to attach the cycle wings with hidden bolts, I wanted to use hidden mounts for the mud flaps.

After removing the wheels for access I cleaned and keyed the lower inner lip of the cycle wings using alcohol wipes to remove any final road residues.  I then bonded 2 x stainless steel big head captured M6 nuts to each cycle wing with plastic epoxy and left them overnight.

First thing this morning I cut the 4mm mud flap material to size and marked up and cut out holes for the M6 nuts. Finally the mud flaps were fitted using stainless 6mm repair washers and M6 bolts that I'd trimmed to length.

While the car was on axle stands I trimmed ~6mm off the seat bolt to hopefully stop the occasional bottoming out.

After a quick blat to make sure that the mud flaps weren't rubbing I filled the car on the way home and then started to pack ready for the trip to Belgium tomorrow.

Hi Vis jackets x 2, Alcohol Breath Testers x 2, Fire Extinguisher, Warning Triangle, tool kit and basic spares pack etc.  I also did a trial fit of Tricia's overnight bag and, after some adjustment, the boot lid fitted!

Zetec, Zetec, XE, Zetec

On Monday the Dorset WSCCer's went for a track day at Keevil, 7 Westfields plus a couple of non-Westfield attended.  Weather was perfect, slightly cooler than recently but stayed dry all day.


Plus the ST220 "Beast" and another beautifully painted in Gulf colours.

I left at ~15:30 so missed out on the beers on the way home......

Also found a video of the Dorset WSCCers leaving Stoneleigh on Youtube

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