Monday, 15 July 2013

Front In-board ARB, Discs & Pads Upgrades

There's a possibility that I'll be doing anther track day at Keevil in the near future so after the success of the ARP Con Rod bolts I decided to fit the front ARB, drilled/slotted front discs and Mintex M1144 pads.
Front in-board ARB
First thing was to loosen the front wheel bolts, jack up an axle stand the front on the car and remove the front wheels.  Next disconnect the battery, front lights and remove the bonnet for better access.

Step one, disconnect the rigid brake lines and re-route them, including bending the chassis mounts, to avoid the ARB mounts.

Step two, drain the cooling system and disconnect the by-pass hose.  Bend the rigid cooling pipe, again to avoid the ARB mount.
Then loosen all the silicone hoses and adjust to line everything up again.


Step three, remove both the front shock absorbers/springs and refit then upside down and
including the lower ARB connection to the lower mount.

Step four, fit the ARB - lots of scratching of head and trial fits to work out how to get it in position but eventually found away.

Step five, phone up Westfield and order another set of 7/16 x 3.75" UNF bolts for the front upper wishbone mount.......hopefully they'll be in the post this afternoon and arrive by tomorrow.

Front Discs and Pads

By this time James had joined me so we decided that he would change the n/s disc/pads as I changed the o/s.  A straight forward job, remove the calliper, remove the hub grease cap, remove the split pin, remove

the hub (carefully putting the taper bearings to one side). bend back the disc bolt head locking tabs, remove the bolts and disc.  Re-assembly the reverse but torqueing disc bolts before setting the locking tabs and adjusting the hub crown bolt so that the hub turned easily but without any play, fit a new split pin.

With the callipers unbolted we remove the old pads, reset the pistons, fitted the anti-squeal pads/springs/copper slip then fitted the new pads.  Cleaned ad copper slipped the dowel pins then re-installed the callipers and torqued the bolts
Thought about bleeding the brakes but decided to wait until completing the  ARB just in case the rigid brake lines required further adjustment.

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