Saturday, 9 February 2013

First Blat in the Rain

With the half hood fitted and the forecast rain appearing to be drizzle I decided to have my first run out in questionable weather.  First leg was taking James out to West Coker then over to Yetminster to pick up Allanah from dance.  Once back home, Tricia had finished work and we went for drive out to East Chinnock to look at a new estate car for her then back home and Myles and I went out for another drive North of Yeovil.

All agreed that the half hood is a success - keeping out the weather, noise and also turning the heater into something other than ballast.  Ingress/egress was a challenge for most and very entertaining as we each worked out the best way for each of us.

Best of all the 3 central instruments fogged up and then eventually cleared having got quite warm hopefully on a longer run the rev counter and speedo will clear too.

Another 50ish miles covered and no need for woolly hats/gloves/coats..........................

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