Friday, 19 October 2018

Newman Cams

After fitting the R1Rs I decided the Zetec could do with a little more zip and after discussing my options with other WSCC members I decided on fitting a set of Newman Stage 2 cams along with a set of Vernier pulleys.  Hopefully it will be straight forward, the Stage 2 cams don't need and additional changes like pocketed pistons but the Blacktop has solid tappets with shims so the clearances need to be checked and the shims possibly replaced.

After fitting the new cams I measured all the tappet clearances and 4 of the inlet valves were outside of tolerance.  Next step was to remove the inlet cam, remove and measure the suspect shims.  Once I had the current clearance and shim sizes I consulted the Ford parts catalogue and selected the closet shims to get the clearances in spec.  Luckily I was able to move 2 of the shims between tappet buckets so only 2 to buy.  Ford were able to get the shims to Yeovil the same day and once they'd arrived I fitted them, fitted the cam, checked the clearances and all was good.

Whilst refitting the alternator belt I found the main mounting bolt loose so tightened it up and it sheared off - b@@@@r.  Lucky I found it when I did because I didn't have anymore M10 x 120 bolts, I now have a couple of spares in my touring kit.

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