Friday, 7 July 2017

Eleven Build continues

At the Dorset monthly meeting yesterday I picked up the gearbox after an overhaul and long 1st gear fit - many thanks Malcolm/Wessex.  A shiny set of Minilites arrived today by courier

and I stopped in at Hurley Engine Services to handover a few bits and pieces and the head was being machined after having the new unleaded seats fitted.

The inlet valves are being replaced with the bigger A+ Series ones from an MG Metro and the head will be given a light port/polish.  The engine block was also in machining being re-bored for the new PowerMax pistons which are 73.5mm so taking the engine out to 1380cc and also reaming the crankshaft bearing mountings. The SEIW is now semi packed ready for an early start tomorrow down to Powderham Castle for the weekend.

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