Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tricia's Birthday and our Anniversary plus Electric Mirrors

Tricia's birthday and our 21st Anniversary so we booked into the Woodbury Park Hotel for the night and Tricia also got a pamper session. We left home early giving us 2 hrs to cover <50 miles so lots of  A&B roads and big smiles driving in the Westfield. Slight problem with the handbrake warning light but handbrake well and truly off so kept going.
We arrived at the hotel at 12:30 and Tricia headed off to the body zone while I booked into the hotel. I then spent a hour in the gym and met up with Tricia at 15:30 which must be Pimms o'clock and obviously no more driving.

Next morning we enjoyed the hotels facilities and finished off with a buffet breakfast before more A&B roads (not entirely the same ones) home.

Early in the afternoon a courier delivered the final part in my new upgrade project - the controller for electric windows. I'd seen a few people do the same fit one the WSCC forum and had been collecting the parts over the last couple of weeks after a couple of drives in Europe with side screens fitted I'd got fed up with getting strapped in only to discover that the mirrors had been knocked - Caterham's have their mirrors mounted on the side screens maybe this is a better solution.

Anyway costs so far:

Rover 200 near and offside mirrors £34 for new pattern parts inc p&p
Controller £7 - 2nd hand inc the connector and wires
Wire £12.50
Loom wrap £3
Plus heat shrink, solder, pins and connectors that I already had.

I made the loom off the car and also kept the heater element and wired in parallel with the windscreen heater, I also followed some advice from a Metro forum as the Rover 200 mirrors didn't have the same wiring as those on the WSCC forum.

I did dismantle the whole mirror and modify the mirror mount as feedback on the WSCC forum suggested that the mirrors would be pointing too high once fitted to the Westfield windscreen mounts.

Modified alignment bush plastic metalled in place.

Re-assembling, next step was to screw the motor sub-assembly onto the 3 points on the ally bracket.

And complete.

10mm hole drilled through each of the windscreen mounts to pass the wiring through.

Mirror wired through the windscreen mount and scuttle.
Switch in place in the dash - should have been about 10mm lower to miss the chassis loop bar but I just about got away with it.

I tested them and have plenty of vertical adjustment on both sides but both mirrors are fairly close to being fully adjusted to the o/s which is a shame because other than cutting an offset into the windscreen mounts or prehaps manufacturing shims there's nothing I ca do to adjust further.  I'll live with them for a while and see if it's an issue in use.  The heater elements also work well off the screen timer relay,

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