Thursday, 10 July 2014

Le Mans Classic


Thursday - Early start James and I leaving Yeovil at 06:00 to travel to Lychett Minster for the meet up prior to heading for the ferry, short stop after 2 miles to disconnect the hose that I'd used to bypass the oil catch tank that I'd removed because the mounting bracket had a crack and I did want it failing whilst away - unfortunately pressure was building up and the car was burning oil during deceleration.
In the queue for the ferry

Malcolm and Dale were already there when .arrived and Chris, Andy and Brian arrived shortly after so we headed off for fuel and then the ferry.  We met up with Colin in the queue for the ferry and then Paul and Joe arrived from Castle Cary shortly after.

On the ferry

After a comfortable crossing with a Full English Breakfast #1 we assembled up inside the ferry port and headed off as a convoy of 7, 6 Westfields and an Aston Martin BD9 convertible, unfortunately road works, traffic and traffic lights conspired against us and we got split up almost immediately into 3 and 4 cars only to meet up again after an hour or so.

Petrol stop

One fuel stop on the way and then tractors combined with extended no overtaking mean we arrived at the campsite in three groups.

Up with the WSCC Pendant and the camp chairs.......

After setting up camp we had dinner and then headed into Arnage for a few beers.

Michelin Chicane

Indianapolis Curve

Friday - after FEB #2 we headed out for a drive and found our way to the public sections of the track - Mulsanne Straight,

Indianapolis and Arnage before heading off to the Pistonheads lunch South of Mulsanne.

Pistonheads swag

After lunch and grabbing some swag from the Pistonhead team we headed back to the campsite via a super market then into Arnage for beers and car watching.

Perfect colours for the post children at Uni man cave
Lotus XI - Before
And After
Saturday - FEB #3 then headed over to the circuit to get our bearings, walked around all  the displays, had a few Guinness then watched the first few races from the mount over looking the Dunlop Curve and Chicane.

  A quick run back to the campsite for dinner was followed by a return to the circuit to watch the racing this time initial from by the Ford Chicane then after a trip to the Paddock from the Grandstand just across from the Start/Finish Line after a very long day we eventually got to bed in the early hour of the morning.


Little Big Mans 7
Little Big Mans 7

Sunday - FEB #4 then immediately over to the circuit and more racing  - heavens opened mid morning and washed us off the Dunlop mound.  Once the rain subsided we resumed watching the racing, had lunch including Guinness went to the paddock and then watch some more races. 

Late at night
little & large
By 14:30 the combined effect of weather, fatigue and the Britsh GP drove us back to the camp site to watch and drink in the club house.  Lots of interaction between the various groups on the site and plenty of beers and wine before heading off for bed.

Monday - FEB #5 then pack everything ready for the drive home.  The convoy kept together until shortly after a coffee break we got split again until meeting at Arromarches before heading up to Cherbourg with the car hitting 7,000 miles on the way.  By the time we disembarked in Poole it was dark so James and I headed straight back to Yeovil.





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