Saturday, 12 October 2013

Front ARB Brace

Whilst at Northampton Motorsports Chris told me that Westfield had designed a chassis brace to link between the two ARB bell cranks to address an issue with chassis cracking due to the stiffness of the ARB. I phoned Westfield when I got home and they had them in stock.  £31 later the brace arrived in the post the next day - excellent service. 
Brace in place

After dropping Allanah off for dance the weather was miserable so Myles and I went to the garage to fit the brace.  Luckily it looked like the bell cranks would unbolt without having to disconnect the ARB.  After the bell cranks had been unbolted from the upper wishbone and the brace had been fettled a little, everything was bolted back together, minus a washer, and the job was done.

Myles torqueing up the upper wishbone bolt

I'd spoken to Troy at NMS during the week about the cam swing and the car is now booked back in for the end of the month for it to be done and the engine remapped.  Even with the Cat in the exhaust I'm hoping for another 5 bhp with no loss of torque.

I've been monitoring the ongoing debate on the WSCC forum with regards cooling.  On track days I've been limiting myself to about 8-9 laps; 1st lap to warm everything up and last to cool everything down and once on the flying laps the coolant temperature rises to >100 deg C.  The original debate was around ducting but now is on the capability of the radiator and merit of the Radtec Alloy Radiator - possible next upgrade?

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