Tuesday, 31 May 2022

The Dorset Tour 2022

The Dorset Tour was planned for the Bank Holiday after feedback that the National Kit Car Show was moving to Lincoln and later in the year which turned out not to be the case - once we were booked and committed.

The core attendees camped near Blandford Forum setting up on the Friday, waking up to a ground frost on the Saturday morning! Undeterred we headed off for breakfast, via Zig Zag Hill, meeting up with the day trippers.

The day that followed covered the South West of Dorset with a coffee stop at Langham's vineyard

and Casa Lovell for high Tea.

Overall travel 

As ever, Colin couldn't pass a ford!

The temperatures overnight were a lot warmer but the weather changed with rain on the way to Haynes Motor Museum for the Breakfast Club, over the Day we covered Eastern Dorset even venturing into Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire during the day.

Overall an excellent weekend - hopefully the sign of things to come ......

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