Friday, 2 June 2017

Eleven Build Days 2 & 3

Having replaced the differential input seal and cleaned off the powder coat from axle banjo studs and sealing face and fitted the differential and brake back plates to the axle and the fitted the whole axle assembly to the chassis

Fitting was reasonably straight forward with a little leverage required to fit the final bolts to the o/s lower mount and then to centre the axle with the panhard rod.

The next phase of the build was the rigid brake hoses; first the front which also required the master cylinders fitted:

Then the rear axle:

The on to the fuel tank, first replaced domed rivets with countersunk, applied anti-fretting tape, drilled the overflow hole and fitted the retaining strap:

finally fitted one of the original Midget wheels to confirm the clearances:

and another historic Eleven picture........

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