Friday, 26 May 2017

Eleven Pick Up Day (and the goodbye to the Midget)

Regular viewers of the blog will recall that I only got around 50% of my first kit on pick up day and spent the next couple of months sorting through random boxes, on the phone to parts and waiting for deliveries; the contrast with today was remarkable, I was presented with a Bill of Material with every single part ticked off, furthermore, the location of each part was also clearly listed - boxes 1 to 4, fitted to the chassis or loose.

After Ian had taken me through the key parts, we'd given the polished bodywork a good look over and I was given a few tips on opening up and closing the clams, the whole kit was loaded into the van and strapped down.  Mark Walker confirmed that the axle did have some rust pin holes and after fitting the brackets he'd had it shot blasted, welded up the holes and then had it powder coated, again outstanding service; lastly the Parts Department also had the XI side mirror brackets in stock and I bought a set before heading off.

After a quick McDonald's breakfast we headed back to Yeovil arriving just after 1 pm; the kit was unloaded and the Midget body shell then loaded and taken to the local scrap yard (£18.20 for around 400Kgs of mild steel) before dropping off the van and getting home just after 3:30 pm.

After a short negotiation with Tricia the body clamshell were stored in the dining room - along with two lots of University digs kit - so I've probably got until the end of September before my current permit runs out.

I decided that I'd leave the kit alone tonight as I'd back at work first thing tomorrow morning and I'll have the whole Bank Holiday to get started - now to the Hot Tub to easy my old muscles & bones.

And finally a photo of Steve McQueen with his Eleven......

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