Saturday, 11 July 2015

Isle of Man and Southern 100

Early start, brought to a stand still

Getting on the ferry

Very early start and after a short blast across the Levels it was motorway all the way to just short of Kirkham to visit Taff & Allison before meeting up with the rest of the Dorset WSCCers at Owd Nell's on the A6 before heading up to Heysham for the ferry.

The crossing was not the best, too many passengers on too small a ferry made worse by the fact that the bikers and buses had been boarded first and grabbed all the seating coupled with rain preventing use of the outside seats

Waiting for curry at Creg-Ny-Baa

After dropping off our kit at the accommodation we headed of to Ramsay an the start of the Mountain Road.  The Isle of Man has unrestricted roads outside built up areas and known accident spots so when you see a national limit sign, the roads clear and it's safe to do so - Hammer Time.........

Stopped for a curry at the Creg-Ny-Baa and also found a Kawasaki Ninja that matched the Westie - even had a Carbon Fibre fetish.......


After bailing out the car, completed the whole of the TT course and then rain stopped play so sign seeing at the Laxey Wheel followed by - Beer Time...


Northern coast roads and light houses followed by the Motor Museum at Jurby - lots of Humbers - Mountain Road on the way home. I then had a run down to the airport to pick up Martin who'd flown over from Blackpool - Mountain Road on the way home again -  followed by a night out in Laxey.


Noticed an oil leak that I thought was coming from the sump plug so tightened it up, but also though with all the high RPM driving it might have been the lack of an oil catch tank so I lashed in a water bottle and stuffed the hose into it. Driving was on the Southern coast roads and harbours.  We stopped for a walk around Peel Harbour and I spotted oil leaking from under the car - the oil temperature sensor that I'd fitted with the digidash was the culprit so out with the ring spanners.  Martin spotted Guy Martin as we went into a café so got a selfie and wished him well for the Southern 100.  We then headed to Castletown and completed the Billowen Circuit before it closed for the racing.  Watched the evening racing just before the start finish line and Guy Martin won the 1000cc race with Michael Dunlop only 0.09 secs behind.  On way home we heard that the Mountain Road was closed at the Bungalow so we took the opportunity to drive it (multiple times) when there was no Douglas to Ramsay traffic followed by a quick pint at Creg-Ny-Baa.


We'd booked a minibus taxi for the trip down to Castletown for the Southern 100.  Lots of excellent racing and after a tip from a local moved to a field just after the pit entrance towards the end of the start-finish straight.

After leading for virtually the whole a race Guy Martin was overtaken on the line by Michael Dunlop who won by 0.09 secs - same as Guy the day before.  Guy Martin then won the main race so a good Southern 100 for him.

At the end of racing we headed into Castletown to the Glue Pot and then to the Tap Room for dinner.


The plan was to get up early and do the Mountain Road before packing up however, rain and low cloud stopped play again.  By lunchtime the sun was out but by then we were in Douglas picking up T shirts and heading for the ferry. Before boarding the ferry three of the Westfield's were selected by customs for inspection which turned out to be more about them wanting to look at the cars than the contents.  The Liverpool ferry was much better than the Heysham one no buses but still lots of motor bikes so little seating, however, it's a shorter crossing.

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