Monday, 26 May 2014

Carbon Fibre CSR Cycle Wings

Having bagged myself a bargain buy of carbon fibre CSR Cycle Wings it was time to fit them.  There has been some discussion on the WSCC Forum on the risk of them de-bonding at high speed but once I'd re-bonded the originals with epoxy rather than polyester they have now covered more than 6000 miles, including a couple of track days, with no signs of any issues.  I prefer the clean lines that you get by bonding so decided to repeat how I fitted the originals but with some improvements.

First I masked off the brackets to ensure that only the bigheads got bonded.  Front Bigheads are captured bolts and the rears captured nuts.  I just about got away with all bolts last time as the ABS cycle wings had a fair amount of flex but decided that the bolts/nuts combination was better overall.

The bigheads were bonded using East Coast Fibre Glass' EC1000 Structural Adhesives.  It's two parts and uses a special gun and nozzle which ensures that it's correctly mixed.  It was very easy to use, insert the twin pack into the gun, fit the nozzle, squeeze and apply to the top of the bigheads.  I cleaned the cycle wings with acetone.

Once I'd got the cycle wing correctly aligned I applied some weight and allowed it to cure for an hour - instructions said 12 mins at 20 deg c.

Once the EC1000 has cured I removed the cycle wings and used the dremmel to remove any excess.  I then cleaned again with acetone and fibre glassed over the bigheads with a layer of standard and a layer of tissue fibre - no photos as this was the same as last time.

Everything was left to cure overnight and then I fitted both of the cycle wing.


I wired up the indicator repeaters, covered with waterproof heat shrink and ty-wrapped in against the bracket.

Finally the finished job with a small mud flap fitted with industrial Velcro - these were taken off the old cycle wings and I'll fit longer ones when I have time.

Tricia and I had a long blat with a top speed of ~70 mph with everything staying in place.  I'll watch for de-bonding over the coming months.

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