Saturday, 29 March 2014

Summer's Coming Up fast.

I haven't posted for a while as I've only had limited use of the car over the winter due to the upgrades, work, weather etc.

I took the car to the March Dorset WSCC meeting and broke though 5,000 miles, not the best of drives due to it being dark and dodging the flooding that has affected the SW badly this year.  It was a good night with plenty planned for 2014 with track days and weekends away at car related events with the highlight being the trip to the Le Mans Classic at the beginning of July.

Tricia and I got out for a 70 mile run today down to Dorchester, across to Bridport then back to Yeovil through the Beaminster tunnel.  The digital display in the odometer was being corrupted during the drive and the other gauges misted up (recurring issue) so when I parked the car in the garage I put on the cover and placed the dehumidifier in the drivers foot well, I'll look in the morning to see how much water it's extracted.

I spotted a rear ARB on an Mega S2000 build blog that doesn't need to upper wishbone mounts removing as it fits to chassis brackets below the Diff.  I called Westfield this week and confirmed that my chassis and lower rear wishbones haves the brackets required and it will fit to an SEIW with FW bodywork so I've ordered one and will post my experience of fitting it in the next couple of weeks if it can be fitted without removing the body work.  If the bodywork needs to be removed it will have to wait until Tricia and I get back from the Co Cork, Ireland trip at Easter and I'll fit the LSD Diff at the same time.

I've kept in touch with Paul and Joe Bromley and Rene who were building their cars at the same time as me and we all met up at Stoneleigh in 2013. Paul and Joe have decided to sell their car as they decided there's not enough opportunity for them to really enjoy it on the Isle of Man, it's a really excellent car build to a high spec and standard.

There's been a lot of debate on various forums about liability on track days following a driver being taken to court last year and to be honest it's making me very cautious however, given that use on track days was a significant factor in buying a Westfield I'm still planning to book a couple over the summer.

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