Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Whiskers & Messing with the fuel Map

When I did the gelcoat repairs to the nose after removing the standard front indicator stalks I wasn't 100% happy with the finish.  There were very small bubbles at the surface that wouldn't polish out that filled with polish leaving white spots that then needed further polishing but few people noticed without me pointing them out and I fancied fitting Caterham Whiskers (or Canards) in the future.  Having searched for the Whiskers I could only find them for sale with Demon Tweeks or direct from Caterham at around £80 a pair which was a little too much, even with my inability to resist temptation, so they were put on hold.  I looked again at Stoneleigh and Aerodynamix said they might be doing them in the future so I spent my (non-SWMBO traceable) cash on replacement carbon fibre wing mirrors. After my first track day and some hot running I was looking around for ways to reduce the temperate of the air under the bonnet that feeds the TBs by some form of ducting from one
of the bonnet vents when I got distracted and found these:

They arrived in the post today so I spent sometime in the garage trying to work out how & where to fit them - ended up like this.

Next on to the popping and banging on overrun, I'd exchanged emails with Troy at Northampton Motorsports to ensure that I had the TB setup correctly before I go for a rolling road remapping session. He advised that if there was insufficient fuelling at low load below ~3,500 rpm there wouldn't be a stoichiometric mix, hence it wouldn't ignite in the cylinder and would be pushed into the exhaust where it would collect and ignite hence the popping & banging.  The potential solutions were to either increase the MS/B setting or adjust the individual setting on the fuel map.  The MS/B route was the most straight forward but it worked as a single scaling factor it would affect the whole map increasing the fuelling. The fuel map changes were possible without a RR as it was only the low load elements that were being changed.  The screen print below shows the changes in the map in light blue, when the software is running you get a bulls eye graphic and indicators on the table that change colour with green indication that the map was in the right area.

Out on the road the changes were immediately obvious, once the car was warmed up there was almost no popping and only when decelerating from rpm than were greater than the changes that I'd made.  I now think I'll leave it until I can get to NMS possible early next year before the late spring/early summer.


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